Experience the Art of Caring




Citronelle, the name synonymous with an ultimate sense of happiness and comfort, is set in the heart of Kochi and Calicut. Designed to offer an ultimate experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Citronelle Unisex Spa strives for the holistic well-being of our esteemed customers. It is achieved as we treat every individual as a unique entity, and we customize our treatments taking account of the person. Which is why we are different from the rest, and constantly setting a benchmark for the competition.

Our philosophy is deep-rooted in our commitment to embrace a healthier lifestyle that results in invigorated mind, body and soul. We pride ourselves in offering a gamut of services for both men and women including oriental body spas, aromatherapy, skin care facials, body polishing, hands & feet spas, head massage, and cleanups to deliver the best possible results to each customer who visits us. Not only we offer a series of preparations and treatments for destressing, we also create a relaxed environment for those who wish to unwind at their own pace.


At Citronelle, our mission to let our customers experience tranquillity while they are indulged in aromatherapy or any other treatment. All the treatments offered here are customized for you- depending on your skin type, aromas you prefer, the consistency of the cream you opt, for and the combination that works well with you. The relaxing treatment rooms, luxurious spas, hot and cold tubs well complemented with an unparalleled ambience makes Citronelle a one-stop destination for beauty and wellness.